Forata Ceiling Lamp was created in collaboration between Saccon Group and talented designer Oriano Favaretto. Forata Ceiling Light represents the symbiosis of innovative technologies and creative design.

With a sophisticated design combined with technical complexity, the Forata Ceiling Light offers a modern piece that suits a variety of spaces. 

Contemporary Forata Ceiling Light desires to challenge your every perception of texture and lighting. As a material, concrete is exceptionally energy efficient compared to that of metal or glass. By using concrete for the lampshades the Futura has responsibly kept in tune with concepts of green living in mind.

The Saccon Group leads in designing and producing brake systems, control levers, brake levers and flexible movement transmission components.

A concentration of ideas and engineering solutions that has branched out from the cycling world to serve other industries.

Oriano Favaretto was born on April 25, 1956, in Treviso, Italy, a place located in the venetian countryside, which through its natural and human presences marked his first interior and artistic building.

He graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice with the Master Emilio Vedova, a prestigious maestro of the language of gestures and signs.

Another important experience that left an indelible mark was the collaboration with Ennio Chiggio whose apprentice, supporter and collaborator Oriano became.
Among his major professional achievements were an award in the Competition amongst the Italian Academies, the grant of “Concorso tra Accademie d’Italia”, the “Lubiam 1982” Award and the painting experience at the “Bevilacqua La Masa”foundation.

The “Marie Claire” magazine awarded him the “Prix d’Excellence” in 1997 for “Polipò”, which was designated lamp of the year. 

Base: Painted metal and cloth cable
Shade: Natural cement, quartz concrete.
Options: Lacquered white (be request)
Finish: Anthracite
Detail: -

Four FBT Energy Saver or LED 40 Watt 120 Volt Candelabra Base E12 lamps (not included)

Height: Adjustable, Max 47.2"
Width: 35.4"
Depth: 3.1"
Shade: Diameter : 3.1", H 6.7"
Weight: 12.0 lb
Additional information:

All electrical components are UL listed. Made in Italy.

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